ServerSide Plugins

All our servers are running Sourcemod and some Custom Plugins !

Admin Menu ( by AlliedModders

Reserved Slots ( by AlliedModders LLCb>

Sound Commands ( by AlliedModders

Custom Player Stats (1.4B121) by Mikko Andersson

Advertisements (2.0.2) by Tsunami

L4D Laser Sights (1.0.8) by AtomicStryker

Plugin Manager (1.1.0) by R-Hehlb>

Gear Transfer (2.12) by SilverShot (New)

Prototype Grenades (1.31) by SilverShot (SERVER 3 ONLY!) (New)

Common Infected Regulator" (1.2.1) by chinagreenelvis (SERVER 3 ONLY!) (New)

Kill Counter" (1.1.5) by NakashimaKun (SERVER 3 ONLY!) (New)

SourceBans++: Admin Config Loader (1.6.3) by AlliedModders

SourceBans++: Bans Checker (1.6.3) by psychonic, Ca$h Munny, SourceBans++

SourceBans++: SourceComms (1.6.3) by Alex, SourceBans++ Dev Team

SourceBans++: Main Plugin (1.6.3) by SourceBans Development Team, SourceBans++

SourceBans++ Report Plugin (1.6.3) by RumbleFrog, SourceBans++

SourceBans++: SourceSleuth (1.6.3) by ecca, SourceBans++

You have questions or request for a plugin let ME know and we will see if we can make it happen!

Many Tanks to everbody in the sourcemod and alliedmodders community for the work on these plugins!