Crash Course Stats (Coop)

More zombies have been killed in Crash Course than the entire population of McHenry County, IL, population 315,943.
That is almost more than the entire population of South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI, population 316,639!


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal1.97 days643,372 (226.30)53,310127
Advanced1.03 days732,430 (493.22)32,854133
Expert1.33 days1,928,463 (1,003.88)47,500403
Total4.34 days3,304,265 (528.77)133,664663


DifficultyPlaytimePoints (PPM)KillsRestarts
Normal2.29 days1,323,733 (400.65)83,233259
Advanced1.21 days1,589,090 (909.61)44,720345
Expert1.26 days4,040,847 (2,232.51)54,876530
Total4.76 days6,953,670 (1,013.51)182,8291,134